Tipografia Poncioni SA was founded in 1968 in the Saleggi area in Losone. The terrible flooding of the river Maggia in 1978 completely destroyed the business’s plant and premises. Nonetheless, thanks to the initiative and tenacity of its founders, Tipografia Poncioni re-opened less than one year later on a new site in via Mezzana, Losone, where its head office remains to this day.

Tipografia Poncioni SA has continuously evolved. Initially, traditional lead-matrix typesetting techniques were used until this was replaced by modern offset printing. Progressively, the intermediate stages of production involving film and image setting have been replaced by the Computer-to-Plate (CTP) system, featuring various types of dot screens, now producing astoundingly-high image definition (100 hybrid lines). Today, Tipografia Poncioni SA can boast the most advanced machinery, able to meet the most demanding needs and the highest quality standards.

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