Defence of the environment

Over the last thirty years, almost 80% of the forests which used to cover the surface of our planet have been destroyed. On average, a surface the size of a football pitch is de-forested every two seconds.

This destruction is threatening an incredible number of plants and animals, and puts in danger the future of humanity itself.

Today, the forestry industry itself is home to much of this abuse. Nonetheless, where managed well, wood remains one of the best, most ecological materials. With the aim of contributing to higher safeguards for the environment, Tipografia Poncioni SA was the first print-office in Ticino to obtain the FSCĀ® certification.

What is the FSC certification?

Forest Stewardship Council is a certification system which allows the final consumer to recognise products made with raw materials which come from forests managed in a responsible way, both from an environmental and a social point of view.
The FSC logo on a printed product guarantees that the paper which was used comes from such forests and therefore, that the entire chain of production was properly supervised.

What are the advantages for the customer?

  • The quality of FSC certified paper is equivalent to traditional materials, without being more expensive. In addition, it is available in a very wide range of types.
  • Printed products featuring the FSC logo show your engagement in favour of the environment and can help to make your own clients aware of the ecological issues.
  • The FSC logo is an environmental quality standard only.

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